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At Request Italy we make YOU and your European trip our priority. If it’s music and opera, culinary, yoga, cycling, horseback riding, truffle hunting, hiking, yachting or whatever activity intrigues you, we will create a custom travel experience of a lifetime. In addition to creating a customized tour for your private group, every year, we also feature several signature itineraries for your consideration. Clients find these itineraries to be so well-designed, that they can just pack their bag and join us.

First time to our site or ready to learn more about our custom private tours? Just contact us with your specific travel request and/or question, we are here for YOU 24×7!

Exclusive Tours and Experiences in Italy

Limited Experiences in the Dolomites by Rosa Alpina

Unique Dolomites experience between an exclusive luxury accommodation Châlet Zeno and a mountain cabin TRUGNEI located at 6,500 feet where to spend a memorable overnight.

Learn more about this exclusive trip.

A Castle in the Sky - Castello di Velona

There’s a “castle” in the sky you’ve always wanted to see and we are making this dream possible. We will fly you by helicopter to the amazing Castello di Velona in Tuscany where you will be waited on as you have never experienced in your life! Learn more about this exclusive journey.

Exclusive Dining Experiences

Our Private Tours take you to some of the best restaurants in Italy. Enjoy fine dining, meet the chefs, and take part in cooking classes and wine tasting.

Read about the restaurants you can visit.

What our Customers say about our Private Tours

Dear Barbara and Rob:
How can I begin to thank you for the wonderful week of memories you gave us!  I think it is unanimous that this is the best family vacation we have ever taken – and there is some stiff competition.  The house was perfect.  If we had designed it to suit our needs, it could not have been better.  Lydia was as good a cook as she was lovely.  We all were impressed by the way the property was managed – efficient, yet warm and friendly.  Ferdinando, our driver, was the best.  I am sure you hand-picked him.  He always had a smile.  The fact that he spoke English made it all the better.  He was delightful when he joined us on the truffle hunt.
Of course, the sights are spectacular but without Rob’s explanation, we would not have learned as much which made them all the more enjoyable.  Our meals were outstanding with plenty of variety from your choice of restaurants.
I could go on and on but the bottom line is that we were all pleased beyond words.  Many thanks for all you did to make our time in Italy so wonderful.
CC in Atlanta-2017
A Wonderful Week of Memories