When people travel to the Veneto, most only get to visit Venice, and granted, it is an incredibly beautiful and spectacular city. But there are other places to see in the Veneto that you do not want to miss.

Two Beautiful for Words!

In the small town of Mira, nestled in between Padua and Venice along the Brenta River, lie two of the most wonderful hotels we know: Hotel Villa Margherita and Hotel Villa Franceschi. Both hotels are owned by the Dal Corso family and they run the hotels so smoothly you are convinced they are your personal butler, concierge and maître d’ all rolled into one!

These hotels, small and wonderfully landscaped, echo the Palladian villas in the vicinity. The gardens are a welcome back to terra firma after the lack of them in the “city on the water.” The décor in the hotels is truly Italian – warm and luscious fabrics that invite you to stop and take time to relax. And while you are sitting on these velvety soft sofas, why not enjoy a glass of “spumante” (Italian champagne) before rushing off to visit nearby monuments or cities in the area.



When you get back from your tour along the Brenta, do yourselves a favor and have dinner in the Margherita restaurant where every dish is prepared to meet your diet or your needs or just to tempt your palate.

The Dal Corsos never stop. Alessandro and Dario, the two sons of Valeria and Remigio, are the best PR for any hotel we know. They are tireless in their efforts to make your every wish come true, whether it be to find a shopping tour or to make your “special” day one you will always remember.

Today, a hotel that is run perfectly, and is beautiful as well, can really leave you speechless!



Via Don Minzoni, 28
Mira Porte – Venezia
Tel. +39 041 4266531
Fax +39 041 5608996
[email protected]



Via Nazionale, 416/417
Mira Porte – Venezia
Tel +39 041 4265800
Fax +39 041 4265838
[email protected]