Anytime is a wonderful time to visit the amazing city of Florence Italy.  Recently we had the good fortune to be invited to a private dinner and exhibition of masterpieces by Patek Philippe.   The famous Swiss watchmakers have been a discreet presence on the Ponte Vecchio in the wonderful Piccini family jewelry store now for more than forty years.

The dinner took place in the towering Palazzo Vecchio in the Piazza Signoria square.  We dined on the top floor overlooking both the incredible Sala del Cinquecento inside the Palazzo Vecchio and the the hills south of the city.  What a way to enjoy the splendor of this building, holding a glass of champagne and deciding which of the beauties to see first, the timeless works of art made by the Swiss or the breathless works of art with which we were surrounded.

Food and drink, although very good and truly creative, could not hold a candle to the surroundings of the Florentine hills. Both the external and internal views are so sumptuous, one doesn’t need anything else!

Laura Piccini and her daughter Elisa hosted this incredible event and when we left we could only bid them “arrivederci” (until we meet again!)!   This spectacular building is a must to revisit, party or no party!