L'Angolo Dolce - pastry bar in Lucca Italy

Almost everyone likes sweets and Sandra and her dad have made their pastry bar, L’Angolo Dolce (The Sweet Corner), as sweet as it gets! This is one of the best pastry bars in Lucca and I think that it might be one of the best in Italy. There is something for everybody and if you don’t like the sweet side of things, their savories are amazing too.

This is also one of the most creative pastry bars I have ever seen. The long glass vitrine which houses all the home-baked goods was designed by the innovative Costa Group and you could spend your time just going up and down the aisles deciding what you want to taste first.

Sandra learned her trade traveling throughout Italy, working in various restaurants as well as frequenting some of the top cooking schools.  She has perfected everything she has learned using her friends as her focus group!

She loves to invite people to taste as many pastries as they can. How can we blame her? She should be proud of what she has added to the community. Sometimes you cannot get in the door as there are so many customers waiting to try one of her mouthwatering cakes; what indecision! But it is worth the wait and once in the door, the point is to take your sweet time and enjoy!

L’Angolo Dolce
Via Borgo Giannotti, 391