What could be better than having sushi at an Italian restaurant?

You really get the best of both worlds; the freshest fish caught that morning  prepared by an Italian artist.


chef-and-sous-chef-fratelliniThis is what you will find when you visit an amazing restaurant called Fratellini’s in Forte dei Marmi, the Italians’ equivalent to the Hamptons.

This very popular place in FDM, as it is called by the locals, is managed by Andrea who with his “savoir faire” and long hair really keeps the food and wine flowing to excess.

But the “piece de resitance” is put together by two chefs, Davide and Kengo, who greet you at the front door when you arrive.

They are always behind the glass bar preparing the most incredible dishes which look too spectacular to be eaten. But don’t get carried away – the sushi is even better tasting!


There are a lot of restaurants on this endless stretch of white beaches, but Fratellini’s is one you won’t want to miss!


Viale Franceschi, 2A

Forte dei Marmi, (LU)