When you are talking about being on the “Silver Coast” in Italy, you will find yourselves in one of the most beautiful areas you can imagine, the region around Grosseto. There is nothing touristy about this area. It was once the malaria infested spot in Italy. Today, the area of Grosetto is thriving on everything that mother nature has to offer and more.

The Puro Suites of Scarlino is nestled into a beautiful, quiet marina which has all the creature comforts one could possibly want. The suites are understated luxury and have top of the line ammenites which one would expect in Ferragamo hotels.  And for those of us who love spas, Daniela Steiner offers the best massages to enhance relaxation; make sure you book with Michela, the best masseuse I have ever had.The Ferragamo Family and the Spanish company, Puro, are working together and have built a residence that is one of the most inviting places we have found in a long time, with a view to die for!

We have seen Puro Suites grow over the past two years and have been very proud to have sent many of our clients there. Our clients had nothing but praise for the residence, the staff and the wonderful restaurants in the area.

Talking about restaurants.

One of the most original places we have come across in a long time is called Zero Distanze (zero distance) and they really do get all of their ingredients from the local area.

Besides the wonderful pizzas that Paolo, the owner, makes (he began as a pizzaiolo – pizza maker), he makes great chef’s salads with your choice of ingredients made in a basket of pizza dough….yum, what a combination.

Il Veliero, the Schooner, is owned by Marino who takes care of the daily catch of fresh fish and then disappears into the kitchen to prepare the most delicate and sumptuous fish you have ever eaten.

If you want to go to the nearest town to see what the locals are up to, don’t miss Filippo’s restaurant, Il Sottomarino ( the submarine).

Filippo used to be head chef at Cala del Porto in Punta Ala; one of the jet set’s places on the “silver coast”. If you do not make a reservation beforehand, you will be turned away with a smile from the waitress. A quick look at the plates coming out from the kitchen and you will wish that you had made that call!

Besides being an amazing place to relax and have great food, this area offers wine tastings at one of the most famous Antinori vineyards, Le Mortelle, boat rentals along the coast, ferry rides to the nearby island of Elba and some very cute and lovely towns to visit; who could ask for more?


Puro Suites
Localita’ Puntone
Tel. +39.0566.86630


Marina Beauty Spa
Daniela Steiner


Zero Distanze
Via della Dogana
Cell: +39.334.233.9219
closed Monday


Il Sottomarino
Via Marconi, 18
Tel. +39.0566.40772
closed Tuesday


Il Veliero
Via della Collacchie, 20
Tel. +39.0566.866219
closed Wednesday